I need a nap


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This morning, I practically dragged myself out of bed and struggled to get myself woke up. Then I woke up Jeremy and we started painting the doorway to Alex’s room.  That’s about the time that we realized Jeremy had to leave for work in an hour and we hadn’t even gone to the store yet!

We went to the store, came home, spread this carpet freshening stuff on the carpet, vacuumed, Jeremy went to work and I painted about 1/2 the baseboards in Alex’s room.  I don’t know if that sounds like a lot, but when you have Fibromyalgia, this is a lot of work!

So anyway, now I need to take a pain killer and rest for a bit until Alex gets home, he should be home in a couple of hours.  I’m so excited to show him his room (and to get my camera back) and maybe he can even help me finish it.  Maybe that’s a bad idea.

I can just picture it.  Jeremy would come home and I’d be covered in paint, there’d be paint all over the floor and in Alex’s eye probably.  We’d have to go to the hospital so they could get paint out of his eye. Oh, that sounds so much like us.

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Ghost Balloon



We had a small party for my son’s birthday a couple of weeks ago.  We were a little bit late, but he had a really busy summer so it was hard to plan.  Anyway, my mom got him one of those Happy Birthday balloons.  The darn thing is still floating around, I thought for sure it’d be out of helium by now!

So, yesterday the balloon was floating around by the ceiling, just hovering there like always.  Jeremy was supposed to be home in about 5 minutes when I heard this noise.  We have plastic down in my son’s room because we’ve been painting the walls and it sounded like someone was stepping on the plastic.  I got nervous but thought surely it was just a breeze or something, maybe we left the window open.

I peeked into my son’s room and the balloon was dancing around on the ceiling back and forth in front of the window.  I swear I almost had a heart attack.  I have no idea how it got into the bedroom.  We have these big beams in the living room and the balloon literally had to go down underneath one of them to get into the hallway.  It so freaky!

When Jeremy pulled up, I was standing outside holding my phone with tears running down my face.  I think I scared the heck out of him, he probably thought something happened to one of the birds.  I was crying because I was sure I’d finally lost my mind.  I told him what happened and he said, “Oh, I put the balloon in there earlier.”

I’m not sure if he really did, or if he was trying to calm me down.  He put the balloon back in the living room and the thing actually went under the beam and back into my son’s room.  We finally locked it in his room and haven’t let it out since.  Jeremy keeps explaining to me about currents from the air conditioner, but I don’t know.  What’s really weird is that I just replied on a blog yesterday about ghosts! I’m sure Jeremy is right and I just really overreacted yesterday, but it does kind of make you think, doesn’t it?  So, do you think ghosts are real?

P.S. I’m working on moving my site to a new host, I’ll let you know what the new url is, also it’ll be on twitter.



I’m really achy today so I’m not going to write much but I want to write something everyday, so I just wrote a bunch of random thoughts.

I paid my cable bill today and they asked me if I wanted to make a one-time payment.  Riiight, because I like to pay the same bills more than once!

We ordered food the other day and it took the guy almost 2 hours to find our place.  He sounded really high on the phone and I was so frustrated with him that I had to give the phone to Jeremy.  The funniest part is that the reason he took so long is because he went to the wrong state.  Who does that?  The wrong STATE!  /sigh

My mom’s cat loves to lick people.  The problem is that her tongue is as rough as sandpaper.  I wonder if I could get her to lick the wall and sand it for me.  That would make less work for Jeremy!

I can’t find creme eyeshadow at the stores.  Do you have to go to an actual makeup store for that now?  I really thought they used to have them at drugstores or Wal-mart.  Do you like lip gloss?  I have a bunch of them but I haven’t decided for sure what I’m going to do with them.

Recently overheard at Wal-mart.

Child: Mommy, why is that lady riding around on that chair thing?
Mother: How is that any of your business? You mind your own business!

Leave the screen alone!


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My dad used to tell me that I wouldn’t listen to anyone.  Well, apparently that just runs in my family, as I promise you that he certainly never listened to me!.  What’s bad though, is that my son is the same exact way.  He just won’t listen to anything you say and has to learn it on his own.

Right now, my son is on vacation with my mom at my grandma’s lake cabin.  We talked earlier and she said that yesterday he wanted to take the screen off the window so he could shoot his little Nerf gun at his cousin.  She explained to him that the windows at the cabin were really old and if you took off the screen, you might not be able to get it back on, or that it might even break.

Well, this morning she woke up and sure enough, he’d taken the screen off the window.  She did manage to get it back on, she even has the bandages to prove it.  My son did see how hard it was to get the thing back in place and he felt bad that she got hurt.  I hope he’s learned his lesson but history has told me that it might be a good idea to bolt that screen in place!

I love my son, he’s a good kid.  He’s a little too smart for his own good, he’s very impulsive and he’s just as stubborn as his mom.  I wish I could give you an example of how stubborn I can be, but it’s kind of hard to be unbiased about yourself like that.  Of course, I think I’m perfectly compliant and that my parents were just being silly.  I explained this to Jeremy and he choked a little and I think he was laughing.  I’m sure he was just laughing at the thought that anyone could ever call ME stubborn.  Yea, that’s what that was about, I’m sure of it.

I was cleaning the kitchen the other day and ended up with all of my appliances in pieces all over the counter and I was scrubbing them with q-tips.  Jeremy says that’s not stubborn, it’s crazy.  I say it’s cleaning!  By the way, my toaster looks brand spanking new and I swear I don’t know how the can opener got broken.

P.S. Jeremy and I went to a friend’s house for D&D the other day, and Jeremy had to work afterwards.  He didn’t feel like going, because it was supposed to his day off, so here is a snippet of our conversation in the car:

Jeremy: I don’t want to go to work, can you use your  magic powers and make my work explode?

Me:  Aww, I’m sorry, I promised I wouldn’t do that again.  Besides, I’m still having nightmares after last time!

He sighed and looked sad.  I felt bad, but what can I do, a promise is a promise!

and then Wil Wheaton and Jeremy saved humanity!


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I think I might have a fever.  I swear I just had a fever dream.  Maybe I should find the thermometer.  I don’t remember much of my dream but I’ll try to tell you what I do remember.

Someone made a whole bunch of tiny little machine guns and rifles. Then he went into the woods to train and army on how to use them.  You could hear the little pop pop pops from the little guns coming from the woods.

Suddenly, Wil Wheaton shows up in a big weird car I once saw him playing with in someone’s youtube video.  It’s got a magic trunk that’s just full of some sort of homemade beer, which sort of sucks because I don’t like beer, weird, I know!  I was all, “OMG, you’re Wil Wheaton!”

He was like “Yea, I know that.”  Then he smiled and I couldn’t stop myself from exclaiming, “I used to want to be Mrs. Wesley Crusher, you were so cute before you grew that thing on your face!”

Awkward. In his defense, he has one of those faces that I just love, but I imagine even in his 30s, he’d still get carded buying alcohol ya know?

Well, anyway so all of a sudden a bunch of gun toting racoons, squirrels, and birds came charging out of the woods right towards us!  They were adorable, some of them were even dressed like little ninjas. Then they attacked.  It was terrifying, they were so fast and their little guns were REAL, man!

You should’ve seen Wil Wheaton and Jeremy fighting off the invaders.  Wil grabbed swords from his little car thing and tossed one to Jeremy and they were like the last hope for survival of the human race!  The attack came in waves, first there was the land attack, then about halfway through was the air attack.  The birds were chirping angrily.

The chirping kept getting louder and louder and then I woke up and I almost had a heart attack because I could still hear the chirping.  That’s when I looked over and saw Mai-Tai was also having a fever dream and was chirping his little head off, in his sleep.

I probably didn’t tell you that I sleep in my chair sometimes because it’s more comfortable for me.  I probably also haven’t told you that Mai-Tai’s cage is right next to my chair so I can cuddle with him whenever I want to.  Mai-Tai really appreciates how much I like to cuddle.  He’s made it into a game, he runs away as fast as he can sometimes and I have to try to catch him.  He gives me a kiss if I win.  I think he giggles when I lose.

I couldn’t find a picture of Mai-Tai sleeping, but here is one of him doing an incredible impersonation!

I'm a barrette, duh!

PS.  I don’t actually torture Mai-Tai, if he runs away from me, I usually leave him alone.  I say usually, because he always knows if its time to go the vet and he runs then, but he still has to go!

PPS.  I keep thinking there is a bug in the bottom of my glass.  There isn’t, but on the bottom is this little etching thing that looks like a bug.  I’d take a picture but Alex has my camera with him on vacation.  I miss my baby! /Whine!

PPPS.  I’m sorry I didn’t have a picture of Wil Wheaton for you, I’m not very good at understanding which images I can or cannot use, so when it’s not super clear, I err on the side of caution and don’t use one.

5 Things You Probably Shouldn’t Do in the Bathroom


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FRA LH Lounge First

Make Dinner

What kind of dinner would you be making anyway? Obviously it’s not something you can cook, well unless you have one of those little portable stove things.  Even if you do, it just can’t be sanitary.  If you decide you DO want to make dinner in the bathroom, please remind me not to eat at your place!

Go hunting

I don’t know a lot about hunting, but I imagine you need a little room to move around.  Most bathrooms really wouldn’t have enough room to hunt, at least there’s barely even room to turn around in mine.  Besides, what in the world would you be hunting?  Bugs?  If you have THAT many bugs, I think you need to call an exterminator!

Make sacrifices

I heard about a book once about an archaeologist of the future who thought that bathrooms contained some sort of altar to the gods or something.  I’m not sure it’s true, but someone told me that the archaeologist thought that bodies were cut up in the tub while the head was placed ceremoniously in the toilet.  I don’t remember what the sink was for, but it doesn’t really matter because I’m pretty sure using the bathroom like this would be rather illegal.  It’s also immoral, messy and just plain wrong.

Host a Civil War reenactment

Well, for starters we’re back to not having enough room again.  Also, I’m pretty sure there were no wars fought in bathrooms, I guess I could be wrong.  Maybe there’s some Great Potty Battle I’ve never heard of, although I’m pretty sure that I’d have heard of something that awesome.

Go horseback riding

How would you even get the horse into the room?  If you did, and climbed on, where do you expect him to go?  That would sure be a short trip.  Maybe my bathroom is too small, because I’m pretty sure a horse wouldn’t even fit in there.  That’s it, I must need a bigger bathroom.

So, in conclusion, I’ve decided to talk Jeremy into getting the apartment complex to remodel the bathroom so that it’s big enough to stage war reenactments and have horsey rides for kids.  I’m so proud of this idea, we can even charge for the rides, and who wouldn’t want to pay for their kid to ride a horse around my bathroom?

On a Serious Note – Domestic Abuse


~I’m not a very serious person really, but domestic abuse is something I feel very passionately about and think should be taken seriously.

Ted Bundy was in the news earlier and it got me started thinking about how little you really know about the people around you.  Here this “nice guy” turned out to be a serial killer.  Of all the serial killers, Bundy scares me the most.  It’s not just him, but people like him.  Someone who seems so, well, normal.  People hide a lot of things from eachother

For example, there are a lot of people suffering from domestic abuse, whether it’s mental, emotional, sexual or physical abuse.  Often, the abuser is able to convince you that if you do try to get help, nobody will believe you.  The truth is that some people have a hard time believing that their charismatic friend would hit his wife or that their sister would beat her husband.

Some abusers isolate their victims from everyone they know.  Once they have you isolated, it becomes easier to manipulate you.  Sure, if he tells you that you’re a horrible, terrible person, you’ll just think he’s being mean at first.  After you hear over and over again, you start to believe it yourself.

People always wonder why it takes so long to leave an abuser.  There are many reasons; sometimes you feel like you have nowhere to go, or maybe you feel like you’re over-reacting and it’s not their fault, maybe you feel like it’s all your fault.  Sometimes, you feel like if you could just be good enough then everything would be okay.  Sometimes, you’re afraid for your life or your kids’ lives.

I’m not really sure if a lot of people realize how many men are abused as well.  Generally, when you think of domestic abuse you think of a man beating his wife or girlfriend.  First of all, abuse is not just physical.  Also, men are abused as well but are less likely to speak up about it.  I imagine it’s also harder to recognize this sort of abuse as well.

There’s a video on YouTube: Reaction to Women Abusing Men in Public.  It takes place in a park and shows the different reactions of people when it’s a man being abusive compared to a woman being abusive.  They’re both wrong and every single person who saw any of these encounters should’ve done something, in my opinion. Honestly, the public perception seems to be that women are less of a threat.  It’s less about the man, it’s more about seeing women as weaker in general.  Even if that were true, once again, abuse is not just physical.

If you, or someone you know, is in trouble, seek help.  If you’re trying to help someone else, please keep their safety in mind.  Some abusers are very controlling and will check your computer to see which websites you’ve visited, or see what phone calls you’ve made, etc.  The Hotline is one of many good websites for victims as well, or if you can’t visit the site, their number is: 1.800.799.SAFE(7233). I checked, they help victims of either gender. The Hotline website also has some advice for helping an abused friend on their page: How Can I Help A Friend Or Family Member Who Is Being Abused?

If you have to, grab everything you can and go to the police station, they’ll help you too.  There is help.  If you need other resources, let me know and I’ll try to find them for you.  We should all be taking care of each other.

The Bumbling Dad


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My boyfriend was talking about TV tropes the other day, specifically The Bumbling Dad.  I think it annoys him a little that TV portrays men as so incredibly incompetent when it comes to fatherhood, or even life in general.  I mean, he kind of has a point, I know I wouldn’t leave my child in the care of Homer Simpson or Al Bundy!

I’ve been trying really hard to think of a show that has a good dad in it.  All I can come up with is Joey Lawrence in Melissa & Joey, but he’s not actually their father.  Oh! I just thought of one, Tony from Who’s the Boss!  He was a good dad!  So, there are some good dads around, just not usually in shows that are based around the family dynamic, know what I mean?

However, wherever you find these types of shows, you can also find the Dumb Blond type of character.  The idiotic, flirty, maybe even slutty girl that has tig ol bitties and wears a TON of makeup, such as Kelly Bundy.  As a matter of fact, there’s an entire genre of jokes dedicated to the “dumb blond”!

Personally, I’d like to think that most men wouldn’t want that kind of woman anyway.  Isn’t it better to have a woman who has her own thoughts, opinions and ideas and can keep up in a conversation?  I’d go crazy if my boyfriend were an idiot, I need someone to communicate with!

So, maybe there should be a few more shows about good fathers and a few less about dumb women?  In the end though, it’s just entertainment and shouldn’t be taken too seriously really.  Unfortunately everything children see has an affect on their life views, so if it’s inappropriate for kids, don’t let them watch it..  Otherwise, I worry a little bit that people are getting too sensitive about these things.

P.S. This blog would’ve been a bit longer, but I got all distracted by this new book… oops!  Harry Dresden ftw!

Oops, I’ve totally said that!

I was reading an article on Shine called, 8 Things You Should Never Say to Your Husband from WomansDay.com.  Although I’m divorced, I do live with my boyfriend and I imagine the information would apply to us as well.  Besides, surely I wouldn’t find anything on the list I’d ever said…

So I read the list and the first few were as I expected, I’ve never told him he was just like his father, I never hassle him about his job, or claimed my mother warned me that he’d do something.  So far so good!

Then, I got to number 4… I can’t count how many times I’ve been so frustrated and said, (in a very exasperated tone, no less) something like, “I’ll just do it myself!”  According to that article, I might be making my boyfriend feel like he can’t do anything right!  He swears he’s okay with it, but I think I’ll try not to say that anymore.  I can definitely see how someone could that impression.

Luckily it looks like I also avoid numbers 5, 7 and 8.  I try not to say “you never” or “you always”, because let’s face it, “always” and “never” are absolutes and are therefore practically inapplicable to people.  I like his friends, so I don’t insult them or mind spending time with them, and I let him spend time with my son whenever he wants, without pressure.

Number 6 is about trying to insinuate that he’s putting on weight by insulting his wardrobe. I think the quote was, “Do you really think those pants are flattering?”  Although I’ve never done that exactly, I have looked at him critically and said, “Is THAT what you’re wearing?” However, in my defense, I don’t think sweatpants with a giant hole in the backside is appropriate attire for dinner with my mother!